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Does your community know how to recognize and effectively respond to all forms of sexual assault?
Sgt. Joanne Archambault Presents:
"Investigating Sexual Assault: The Preliminary Response"
, a 5-hour video series on the criminal justice response to crimes of sexual violence. This training is a must for:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Forensic Examiners
  • Criminalists
  • Victim Advocates
  • Prosecutors
  • Policymakers

"Investigating Sexual Assault: The Preliminary Response" Testimonials:

"Investigating Sexual Assault: The Preliminary Response is the most innovative, insightful training tool for training police, prosecutors, forensic examiners, victim advocates, and legislators about how to handle sexual assault cases."  - Joan Zorza, Esq. -Editor, Domestic Violence Report & Sexual Assault Report
I just want to also say that we have purchased and are reviewing your EXCELLENT training videos on investigating Sexual Assault: The Preliminary Response. Wow!! They are wonderful. - Deb Donovan, Coordinator Sexual Assault Treatment Center, Milwaukee
Great piece... very professional package and marketing materials. You are to be congratulated. The 911 tape opening with the follow-up interview is very moving. I really like the concept of breaking down the old aquaintance rape to the three categories. Makes much better sense and the cops will be more apt to understand the differences. I will adopt it immediately. - Seth Goldstein, Esq., Executive Director, Child Abuse Forensic Institute

    "Investigating Sexual Assault: The Preliminary Response"
These videos provide comprehensive training on the criminal justice response to crimes of sexual violence. The videos will be extremely helpful for patrol officers, as well as civilian members of the sexual assault response team. The series was specifically designed in "Roll Call Length" segments to be used for ongoing training until specific topics, or the entire 5 hours are completed. Modules can be used to facilitate training by experts or to stand-alone. Topics include:
  • The role of the police dispatcher
  • The patrol response to sexual assault
  • The preliminary investigation
  • Recognizing and effectively responding to non-stranger sexual assault
  • Strategic sexual assault investigations
  • Innovative investigative responses
  • Pretext phone calls
  • Dynamics of sexual assault
  • Interviewing victims of sexual assault
  • Inappropriate police responses
  • The use of the polygraph
  • Multi-disciplinary responses
  • Community collaboration
  • Community-based advocacy
  • Sexual assault risk reduction programs
  • The forensic examination
  • Forensics and DNA
  • Evidence assessment, interpretation and case impact
  • Designer drugs and Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA)
  • DFSA warrants
  • False/unfounded allegations
  • An interview with a sex offender
  • Computer technology and sexual assault much more

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