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SATI Consulting Services Include:
  • On Site Training
  • Workshops and Panels
  • Full or Half-day Seminars
  • Plenary or Keynote Speeches
  • Training for Trainers
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Development of Policies and Community Protocols

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Training Topics Include:
  • An overview of sexual assault crimes
  • Preliminary patrol investigations of sexual assaults 
  • How to conduct a thorough follow-up investigation to ensure successful prosecution, with an emphasis on non-stranger sexual assault
  • Dynamics of Sexual Assault Cases
    • Non-stranger Sexual Assault and Rape
    • Spousal Rape
    • Stranger Sexual Assault and Rape
    • Serial Rape 
  • Investigating Difficult Cases
    • Drug and Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault
    • Mentally Ill, Prostitutes, Homeless and Runaways
  • Developing Skills to Successfully Interview Victims of Sexual Assault
  • Forensics
    • Crime Scene Investigation
    • Lab Service Requests
    • Toxicology
    • Blood/Saliva/DNA
    • Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations 
      • Suspects 
      • Victims
    • Evidence Assessment
      • Interpretation of Findings
      • Case Impact
  • Interview & Interrogation
    • Suspect Interviews
    • Pretext Phone Calls
  • False/Unfounded Allegations of Sexual Assault
  • Coordinated Community Responses
  • School Based Partnerships
  • Implementing Sexual Assault Risk Reduction Programs

View Training Abstracts 
The following abstracts were taken from actual SATI training events:
  • Effectively Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Assault  Word   PDF
  • Dangerous Liaisons: Recognizing and Responding to Non-Stranger Sexual Assault   Word   PDF
  • Investigating Sexual assault: A Multi-Disciplinary Collaborative Approach   Word    PDF
  • Barriers to Criminal Justice System and Victim Services Collaboration   Word    PDF
  • The Consent Defense:  Special Investigation and Prosecution Issues   Word     PDF
  • Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault: Tough Cases   Word   PDF
  • Strategic, Victim-Centered Community Responses - Redefining Our Success     Word    PDF
  • False Sexual Assault Allegations   Word    PDF
  • Evidence Assessment, Interpretation and Case Impact   Word    PDF
  • The Impact of DNA on the Forensic Exam and the Law Enforcement Investigation   Word    PDF
  • The DNA Backlog: How Did We Get Here?   Word    PDF
  • Investigating Sexual Assault: Tying It All Together   Word    PDF
  • Effective Report Writing   Word    PDF
  • Sexual Assault on Campus:  From Evidence Collection and Assessment to the Consent Defense   Word    PDF
  • Sex Offenders - Who Are They?     Word     PDF
  • Understanding the Impact of Sexual Assault & Developing Skills to
    Interview Survivors  
    Word    PDF
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