Sexual Assault Training & Investigations

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SATI Evaluation Comments
Below are just a few of the comments that have been received from SATI training evaluations:

      "Great to hear law enforcement person with an analysis of sexual violence balanced with the law and rules of evidence."

"Great Information, great speaker. Joanne, you are absolutely correct, cops want to know how to do investigations, how to obtain good skills to do a very tough JOB."

"Joanne - You are amazing! Thank you for so much info. Do you like snow? We could use you in Wisconsin."

"Thank you – your way of education and training help people “get it”. Keep up the great job!!! The instructor was knowledgeable regarding the subject matter presented 1-5 10+++"

"I loved the concept of the “date rape myth”. How true! We get stuck on jargon and don’t question it. I’m going to change all the pamphlets in my office. I’m also going to engage my police in creating a stat report."

"Thanks for showing us a different view of how well officers can work with victims!"

"So much good information! Listen, believe, support, and act!"
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